Get Togethers

Get Togethers” are held in the Raleigh,  NC area.

Some people have a depressed image that comes to mind when they hear the term support group meeting. Often times, this very belief will keep them from attending and subsequently getting the support needed when faced with this type of challenge. Dont miss out on the opportunity to share and learn from others. It helps to facilitate your own healing and allows you to see that you are not alone. At ACT, we are in this thing together which is why we Get Together.

We keep the energy upbeat, the conversation lively, honest and open. Think of it as an opportunity to connect with some special friends that can relate to how you feel. We create a safe space in a cozy environment to express our emotions, whether they are happy or sad. We focus on helping each other turn the negative into a positive by finding solutions and maintaining a healthy perspective on the situation. Our goal is to promote self empowerment by accepting our selves, adapting a new attitude about our situation and uncovering the true origin of our beauty. Self esteem must be rebuilt from the inside-out. We make it our goal and channel that positive energy into helping others in our community.

There are members of A.C.T. that have lived with Alopecia for many years and are available to support you through this experience no matter what stage you are in. We are living witnesses that the pain of Alopecia wont last forever. You can move on with your life, rebuild your self esteem and your self confidence to be greater than ever.

Next meeting date TBA